I am trying to make Rabbitsys work on RCM4300. I have the
development kit that comes with the RCM4300. I am trying to
enable Rabbitsys, but I think there are some files missing. The pld_update.bat. I tried the Reload Rabbitsys Binary on the Dynamic C
Version 10.21 Compile Menu its is trying to find a system.bin file.
I was also trying to locate the rdiscover.exe as referred by the
Rabbitsys manual, what I found was something similar zdiscover.exe.

My question is how do I start making Rabbitsys work with RCM4300.
Is it built in with RCM4300 and DC 10.21, or do I need to download
anything else?

Many thanks,


Hi there,

Is Rabbitsys compatible only for RCM3365?
Is there any way I can make it work with RCM4300?



RabbitSys is not being actively developed and was only supported on the RCM3365. RabbitSys requires a custom ID block with preloaded network and flash drivers and these features were only released on the RCM3365.

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