RabbitSys on RCM3750

Is it possible to make the RabbitSys module work on a RCM3750 board ?

If not, why ?


RabbitSys will not run on 2000-3000 based core modules as it relies on both System/User Mode, Tamper-Protect RAM and Stack Limit Protection which are internal processor features that are not present on Rabbit 2000 and 3000 processors. These features allow enabling of system protection at a hardware level which is key to the core functionality of RabbitSys.

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I have a correction to Bill’s answer on this question. The Rabbit 3000A microprocessor did support the chip features like user/system mode that the RabbitSys Software Module requires.

RabbitSys is not being actively developed and was only supported on the RCM3365. RabbitSys requires a custom ID block with preloaded network and flash drivers and these features were only released on the RCM3365.

Eugene Fodor
Software Engineering Manager
Digi International

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