program the wolf processor with Rabitsys ethernet


i would like to program my wolf bl1800 with ethernet
but i’ve no idea how i should do this.
I have dynamic c 9.52 so i thought i program a ip in the processor with the serial cable
i switched to ethernet to program another program but i could not log on to rabbit sys
what do i need to log on?
or is it just not possible to program over ethernet with just a new version of dynamic c?
thx for any help

RabbitSys relies on new hardware protection features added with the Rabbit 4000 processor. There is no way to run RabbitSys on 2000-3000 based cores or single board computers.

is there any way to program a 3000 processor via ethernet?
i have a wolf BL2600 so there is an ethernet port. Is this also a program port or is this only with the 4000 processors?
the feature to debug without reload, is this also a 4000 feature or can i use this on the 3000 as well?


There are samples under the DOWN_LOAD directory which show how to use the download manager, which has more limitations than RabbitSys, but can download over an FTP connection on Rabbit 3000 cores. You basically have to split the 512K flash to use this system, so your end program only gets half the memory resources. If your application can live within those constraints, this may be an option for you. Look at the DLM_TCP.C sample for the ethernet connected use of the download manager.

i will try it out, i have also another question about the wolf. its on the forum.
its about the power supply when using the command anaOutPwr(1)
how mutch current does it need to execute this command?
because i changed my power supply and now it stops on this command.

thx anyway
i’ll let you know when the download via ethernet worked.