Programming cable

Hi. Sorry for my english. I need your help.
I have Rabbit PK2200 device. And I need programming it by RS-232. But I haven’t programming cable. So I want to make it. I need pinout for it.

This should help.

RJ12 Jack pin out DB9 (Female Pins)

  1. /OUT(/RTS) => 8. CTS
  2. GND => 5. GND
  3. /TXD => 2. RXD
  4. /RXD => 3. TXD
  5. /IN(/CTS) => 7. RTS
  6. Not Connected

On the PK2200 pin 6 is closest to the battery.

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I connect cable. And now I want to compile and run my simple test program. I run Dynamic C 9.25 and click Compile (F5). Then I get error:
While Sending Cold Loader:
No Rabbit Processor Detected.

What am I doing wrong?

PK2200 doesn’t work with Dynamic C 9.25, you need to use Dynamic C 32:

I start Dynamic C and get message:
Target not responding.

What’s wrong?

JP3: 5-6, 7-8, 9-11
JP4: 8-7, 2-3

Which version of Dynamic C? Did you wire up the RJ12 to DB9 adapter as Claude described? If you connect a logic probe to the TX and RX pins, do you see any activity? What do those jumper settings for JP3 and JP4 represent?

I am use Dynamic C v5.24.
About activity on TX and RX.
For TX it is -3.4 - +2.28 V.
For RX it is -14 - -8.5 V.