RADIUS autentication


I’m testing the Connect WI-SP, and when I use it on a normal WLAN it works perfectly but when I try to use it in a WLAN with A RADIUS server to autenticate the users, all seems to be ok but when the device it’s logged, it try to connect again every 30 seconds making that the radius node fall.
Do you know the reason of the repeatitive try to logg?

My settings are:

  • SSID: wifidt01
  • IP asigned by DHCP
  • Security: WPA/802.1x
  • User: csw22@01
  • Pass: c$d01esr

The rest of the setting are on the image.

If anyone can help me i’ll be very gratefull

Sorry my bad english

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If you can watch the serial port when this is happening, you can run a trace with ‘set trace state=on mode=conc mask=wlan:+iwdc’ and see output describing what’s going on. That may give you some clues as to why it’s failing.