Wi-Me Module using WPA and Radius

I am trying to configure my Wi-Me to be used in conjunction with a Cisco 1230 AP and a Radius server. I think I have configured everything correctly but still the Wi-Me won’t connect properly. Through checking the log files on my Radius server it looks as though the Radius has authenticated the Wi-Me, but when checking the event log on the Cisco it still says Authentication Failed. The amber led flashes twice then goes solid for a few seconds then flashes again as if it is associated with the AP temporarily but then is refused. Each time this happens a new session starts on the Radius server, using a new port number as if it is seeing each attempt to connect as a different device. The Cisco is set for WPA - Mandatory, Open Authentication with EAP, Network EAP, TKIP Cipher and I have also checked the Auth and Account port numbers


Do you solve your problem? I am the same problem,can you help me?