Wi-EM Cisco Association Problems

I’m using a Wi-EM integration kit. I am attempting to get the Wi-EM module to associate to our Cisco 1100 AP (with g radio). Our AP has several SSID associated with different VLANS.

I’ve never successfully gotten the Wi-EM to associate with 128 or 40 bit WEP to our Cisco AP. The only settings that have worked is when the SSID is explicity entered in to Wi-EM and there is no WEP configured for that SSID. The default “Connect” did not work. I had to power up a linksys AP in order to configure the device. I’ve had no problems syncing the device to a linksys AP with WEP enabled or disabled.

Any clues on this? I’ve checked and re-checked the settings many times. Am I missing some setting in the Cisco AP somewhere? Is there a known compatibility issue with some Cisco equipment and the Wi-EM.