Range Problem

We are testing the XBee with internal antenna, we reprogramed it using ember conectors , so we have installed our own firmware on it. ( it´s the same we are using on ember test ciscuits , and in another hardware) but we found two problems:

First of all it´s a very short range (under 20 meters )
Second one it´s a reconnection trouble, when a node loses the sink it´s necessary to reset node and sink. Over other hard we must reset the node in order to reconnect , but never the sink. We understand that without the programmed soft it´s difficult to resolve the problem but it´s a beginning .

Thank you very much.

XBee modules manufactured before Feb 2008 had a token configuration problem where the default output power mode was set incorrectly.

Try calling emberSetTxPowerMode() in your application. For regular XBee, use the default power mode or boost mode as the parameter to this function. For the XBee-PRO, use alternate power mode or boost & alternate as the parameter.

Are you running Ember’s sink application on the XBee?

I´m sorry by the delay, no the sink was a custom desing based on ember reference board , we are trying to use the xbee as a subtitute of this.

Thank you.

With Xbee pro and alternate&boost, the sink doesn´t comunnicate with any sensor.
Whith Xbee pro and boost mode, the sink comunicate but with a range shorter than with any other zigbee module.

Is any hardware or software change required for Xbee pro? Maybe the radiotxpower?


The same sink program running on a Xbee with chip-antenna raises a greater distance than on a Xbee-pro.

The problem was the software configuration of the hardware of the Xbee-PRO.


Hi all,
Although it is an older discussion, hope you will response me as well.
I have the same problem, that jorge.remirez@jmpingenieros had. The range of our 60mW XBP24-BZ7WIT-004 (series 2 - PRO) modules is about 40m (with LOS). But we had 2mW version of same module with much better range.
Thanks in advance