Range Problems with XBP24-BZ7WIT

I have two XBP24-BZ7WIT for Point to Point Connection and configured them accordingly. The problem is that the range test in XCTU shows a low signal strenght when the modules are less than 1m away from each other (about -70dbm). With greater Distance (>5m) the connection gets completly lost.
I uses these breakoutboards to connect to the modules:https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8687 and https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11373
One is connected directly to the computer, while the other is mounted on a PCB, which is driven by an arduino. This should not have such a big impact on the signal quality, should it?
What can I do to get a good connection over a range from 10 to 1000m?
Is it possibly that a bad power supply causes that problem?

Thank you in advance
Johannes Nau

I’ve the same problem with XB24-Z7PIT.
Max. working distance is about 4m (with free view).
I’ve already contacted Digi-Support and awaiting response.

Thank you for your answer.
please let me know if you find any solution that work for you.

Also I found a thread that mentioned an older firmware(anything except 21A7) would solve the Problem, but I have currently no time to verify that.

Hi Jackoxy,

you’re right! I just downgraded one version (on Coordinator and Router) and it’s working very well now.

Thank you!