xbee connection between two XBees just okay after a few reconnections


I have a problem with my 2 XBee modules( XBee PRO ZB Series 2).

Most Time the transmission (transmitt and receive with a test application) takes ca. 60ms.
In this case the possible range is not verry far ( ca. 200m )

After a few reconnections (switch off and on one module) the transmission time is between 1 and 20 ms.
In this case the possible range is is much more. (not testet how far … >300m)

One module causes somtimes problems at connecting with X-CTU (I’m able to flash new firmware with the trick: Put the module in the USB-Xbee-Adapter while the X-CTU - “Unable to comunicate” Window is shown)

I have two USB-XBee-Adapter the “problem-module” has the problem on both USB-Adapters, the other module works fine with both USB-Adapters.

I’ve tryed to use new firmware (2xA7) … nothing changed

Is is posible that the one module is broken? or could it be a configuration problem.

I’ve not much experience with xbee.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like a configuration issue with a baud rate or something of that nature.

hi thanks :),
I checked the boudrate… Both moules have the same settings. After that i tryed some other Boundrates (9600,…,56700)

The Problem is exacty the same as before… nothing changed.

I have still connection problems with X-CTU(with one module), and the connection between the 2 XBee modules is only “good” after a few reconnections

i have same problems…