xbee series2 range issue

I have two XB24-ZB (ID:4214A-XBBE2), Series2 Zigbee at 1mw, in a Coordinator - Router point to point setup, indoor. They both have wire dipole for antenna. The modules are rated to work up to 40meters away indoor.

At Max. Power setting [4] and Boost Mode Enabled, the maximum range I can get is 10 meters between them (range test with XCTU) and this when they are line of sight with antenna at the same height and parallel to each other. If I change the height by 1 meters the signal drops and link breaks.

I am in an open room with no obstacles, so it is almost an outdoor setup (office) and the WiFi router is about 15 meters away behind the set up.

I would be grateful if someone could let me know if the modules are faulty or there is something I have overlooked in the set up (using the wrong Firmware match).
Coordinator API Firmware : 21A7
Router API Firmware : 23A7

Many thanks for your help …

Found the answer!
On the router (routers if you have more than one):
Enable JV [1]
Make sure you save it, the Pencil icon in XCTU

Power up the coordinator 1st,
Power up the router after, making sure they are not too close to each other.

I read: Coordinator Operation: …Channels with excessive energy levels are removed from its list of potential channels to start on…

I guessing, what’s probably happening is that one starts developing ones code/system with the two units on the table, and the channels selected are far apart due to the above routine. If JV is not enabled, they stay that way, hence, range issues.

Please correct me if I am wrong, or missing another step which would make this process a bit more user friendly??

Many thanks …