Range test for XBEE series 2

I am using two XBEE series 2, one as Coordinator and other as router/end device in ZNET 2.5 AT configuration. The modem type is XB24-B and the firmware version is 1047 for the Coordinator. The modem type is XB24-B and firmware version is 1247 for router/end device. The TX & RX of router are connected to each other. I am trying to do the range test for the devices. When I try to view the received data in the X-CTU screen, I cannot see any received data. Under Range test it says packets received as “Good” and their count increases but no data is displayed on the screen of X-CTU. Can anyone suggested what is going wrong here?


Refer the range test pdf at the following link, ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90001067_a.pdf .
Follow the same procedure as given in the pdf, and try again.

Hope this helps.

Hello Apples1234,

The Znet firmware was discontinued 5 years ago and has known bugs. The ZB firmware is up to date and may solve your problem. You can use that in XCTU -> modem configuration -> xb24-ZB (not xb24-B).