Range Test (loopback) with poor results


I use a Xbee Pro (firmware 1020) on a USB-dev-board connected to a notebook to communicate with another single Xbee Pro where Din and Dout are tied together.
(used pins:
Vcc -> 3,0V
Reset pulled up with 10k to Vcc

The range test shows poor results, only 20% of the messages were received.
What can I do to have better results?

When using the ZNET 2.5 radios, the coordinator is set in broadcast mode, which is very slow. Slow enough possibly that the loopback software is not equipped to deal with the extra latency such that the timeouts could be do the extra latency.

To make your system less latent, use unicast messaging instead. To do this, set the DH and DL parameters of the coordinator to match the SH and the SL parameter of the receiving node and vice versa. The unicast messaging will drastically decrease the latency over the broadcasting that was there before.

To increase the timeout of the software, click under the Advanced settings button and modify the timeout, currently set to 1000ms.