verry bad range test with XCTU


I’m neewbee with Xbee 2.5 modul, and i juste bought 4 of them and testing.

For starting, I follow a lot of documentation for programm the moduls with XCTU and i have success with command mode, and make verry )

One of them are COORDINATOR AT and the auther is END DEVICE / ROUTER upgrade the firmware and use the default value.
they are one the same IDPAN and with the command ATND they are seen the auther.

But if i make a range test in XCTU at 10 cm ore so, the result iverry bad (12 or 14%) and many frame are dropping !!!

I would like to use this modul with arduino board, but as the signal is verry bad, i can’t use it !!

What i’m doing wrong ??

Please, any one can help me to resolve this ?

Thank’s a lot.


What firmware version are you using on those XBee module? 10E6 or?

Thank’s for your answer timmyc.

From memory i think it’s 1020 (not sure beceause i don’t have the moduls at this moment)…

But the DIGI SAV give me the solution : the XBee in coordinator mod moduls is configured for broadcast communications.

“In this configuration, due to the additional latency required in the standard, you need to adjust the data receive timeout to 5 seconds from 1 second. To help reduce the latency, it is best to configure the coordinator for unicast addressing.”

So i writing the coordinator DH and DL with the SH and SL of the END DEVICE/ ROUTER and now it whase no latency and i can work in this Unicast mode, as i don’t need 2 way s dialogue for now .


A quick note… his post was in the 802.15.4 forum but he’s asking about ZNet 2.5 modules (firmware version also confirms he has ZNet 2.5). I have moved this topic to the proper forum…