Strange behaviour of XBee moduls (XB24-B Z7WIT-004)

Hi everybody!

I have more serious problem with my pair of Xbee’s. First of all, when I was first attach one of them via serial interface to X-CTU, and clicked to Test/Query, a messagebox appeared that I have XB24-B modem. After that I clicked read parameters and XCTU loaded the XB24-ZB ZigBee Coordinator AT function set from the modem. That was a bit strange, but I’ve neglect it. I changed some settings (if I remember, the PAN ID and SCANCH) and I wrote back to modem. And that point XCTU said, there was a problem, and from that I couldn’t communicate with the modem. Finally I found some tutorial to ‘debrick’, but when I check API mode It says Communication OK, but Modem type unknown. In AT mode it works well, but when I update to Coordinator API in AT mode, the API mode works well, and the AT mode go wrong. I want to use in AT mode, and with end-device function set. But when I upgrade the function set to end-dev, the modem don’t want to connect to the PAN organized by a coordinator (same PAN ID, same SCANCH, instructions followed by this tutorial:
And when I change back to coord-at function set, it finds a free channel (E). Do you think that the problem with API mode (described above) cause this malfunction? Please help me! Thanks.

Ps: I tried to change the other Xbee modul’s function set to end-dev-at, and this one to coord-at, but the problem is still, coord has channel 12, and end-dev has channel 0, ATAI command say 0x21 (Scan found no PANs). Coord returns with 0x00 (means network started)

Big Thank for your help guys…

It doesn’t look as though anyone here knows the answer, but as your XBees are series 2 (Ember) versions you’ll probably get better results if you post in the Zigbee Pro forum. This forum is for series 1 XBees - you’re perfectly welcome here, it’s just that the experts you need will probably be over there. Good luck!