Xbee programming


I have purchased a pair of xbee module, whose range is around 30 metres.
Its modem number is not known to me,
but beneath it shows XB24-AVVi 001 revC.
i checked the module via the PC COM port. I checked the device using XCTU software.
with Enable API unchecked , the modem shows communicating problem.
with Enable API checked , modem communication shows OK
the modem type and version is not obtained.

please tell me how to correct this.


XB24-AWI 001 - is 802.15.4 module.

Check COM port and Baud Rate settings, try with the baud rates - 9600, 115200.


do you work with api mode 2(escaped character) or 1?
Close Xctu and restart your PC.

The helpful folks at DIY Drones folks have this concise post about recovering a non-responding XBee: