Range Test Receive is Blank

Okay so I’ve configured both Xtend-PKG modems and the range test appears to be working fine, with 0 packet loss but the receive tab is completley blank! What’s going on here? I can’t tell if data is being lost since the counter shows packets being received I just can’t see anything coming through on X-CTU. I’m using version and have the same issue on Windows and Linux. Sorry if this is a simple question but I couldn’t find an answer searching the manual or the forums. Could it be counting packets but dropping them due to a misconfiguration of some sort, and thus not displaying them? I’m fairly new to these devices so thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Slynx. Were you able to fix the blank receive screen? If yes, could you tell me what was going wrong? I have XBEE series 2 ZNET 2.5 and I am also facing the same problem. I see successful transmission but receive tab is completely blank.
Any help would be great. Thanks


I have the same issue as well. But mine started when I updated to the latest firmware and X-CTU software. I assume the X-CTU software is the issue here.