Raspberry Pi with XBee: Have to hot plug to get module to turn on with GPIO

Hey Everybody,

The XBee Pro S3B works great with the Pi except for one major issue. I’m required to use the GPIO pins instead of the USB, which, unfortunately, is the only time this happens.

I’m using the following shield to interface with the Pi:


When I Boot up the Pi, after the power has been completely cut, the XBee module starts out unresponsive(when I used the adapter that Digi provided, same issue, and none of the LEDs came on). If I then unplug the Shield and plug it back in it comes on and works perfectly. This is my only obstacle to using this shield so any help you could provide would be helpful.


I figured out how to get it going via hardware. If I short the reset pin(5) to ground and then release it, it wakes up. I was hoping to do it via software. I tried making the line go with the GPIO, but it doesn’t seem to work.