Hello, Question about XBee Shield V1.1.

Good morning. I am a college student in Korea.
I recently purchased XBee Shield V1.1 for the Arduino project.
However, it is not recognized by XCTU.
We tried jumpers D2 to 13, DOUT to D2 to D13, DIN to D1, DOUT to D0 and so on. Still no connection.
How do I get XBee modules recognized through XBee Shield V1.1?
I look forward to your kind reply.

While the XBee is a Digi product, the shield you are using is not. For that reason, that is a question you need to ask the manufacture of that 3rd party Shield.

My XBee comes on well. Does it not work when the lights come on?
PWR, ASS, and RSSI lights.

Power should come on if the module is powered up.
Association should blink at a rate relative to the modules association state.
The RSSI LED’s should only come on when the module is receiving data from the RF port and passing it to the UART.