RAW Digital I/O (creating a virtual cable)

I have just purchased XB24-DKS. I’ve read the manual, and there is very little about Direct I/O…

What I need to acomplish is a wireless cable. What I want to do is have a master module that will send out an address to comunicate with a particular “remote” If the remode is found I need to get a digital I/O pin called S to go and stay LOW on the “base” while the “Remode” is selected. I then need the following:

The “base” is to have two digital inputs: X1 and X2 which will be bound to two outputs on the “remote” i.e. if X1 is pulled LOW on the base, then X1 output on the addressed remote will go LOW respectively. The same for the X2 pair. They must be independant of each other.

Second, I need an input on the “base” called “a” which will be bound to an output “a” on the “remote”

Finally I need a pair of I/O’s called “c” and “d” on the “base” and “remote” that are bidirectional such that, data will be clocked into the base, bitwise, and the “remote”'s c and d will output the data, then the modules need be able to switch roles, such that responce data is clocked into the “remote” bitwise, and the “base” needs to output the return data…

Is this possible with this product? (XBee)

In a nutshell. I need five bound I/O pins. i.e. the pairs will basicly serve as a “wireless” cable…

Desired Configuration:

BASE X1 -----> X1 REMOTE
BASE X2 -----> X2 REMOTE

MY I/O is 5V based, I assume I can
use an HCT family device like an 74HCT05 with pull-ups to bridge the 5V to 3.3 V difference?

The “remote” must be stand-alone, assigned a perminant address, and be-able to perform as described above on powerup… For the “base” I have a bit more flexibility, and do have some embedded control space to issue commands, output the desired address, command to
enter transparent I/O mode, if the addressed “remote” is detected. the pair needs to stay couppled to the remote, if in range, until an end of transmission command
is issued, which will de-select the “remote” and cause the “remotes” X1 and X2 outputs to go HIGH, the remaining I/O’s A, C, and D become don’t cares as long as X1 and X2 are unasserted, e.g. HIGH. But once the base-remote pair is linked, i.e. the S output from the base goes LOW, it must function as stand alone, and accept the I/O bits and effect the coupled I/O’s on the selected remote until the “REMOTE” is de-selected. Can this be done with this product? XBEE.

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