Remotely control IOs on Xbee Zigbee S2C


I came across this online example on Digi website and was trying to figure out the settings

The video shown on this page talks about wireless control of LED using a push button connected to other end. I am trying to understand how to get this to work. I know how to control digital I/O remotely using AT commands serially, but want to implement the config shown in video, i.e, configure the two Xbee radios and then simply use digital I/O only on both ends ( No serial connection, just push button connected on digital pin on coordinator and LED connected on router on router). Can you please help me out with what is the configuration I need to do to achieve this?

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That is for an 802.15.4 XBee and not one of the Zigbee Enabled modules (S2C). The S2C or ZB products do not support direct IO line passing.