RCM 2200 Extended Flash

(sorry for my google translator english)
How do you configure the development environment to program properly a RCM2200, when this is the 2nd flash chip?
The board rcm2200, is prepared to mount 3 flash chip (U3, U8, U7). Normally only one chip is mounted 128k (U3). With the hot air welder I mounted a second memory chip on the board (U8), and I put its capacitor C30, and shorted JP1, JP2 (1-2 positions). I tried to create a hybrid between a rcm2200 and rcm2250 (512k flash but only 128k RAM.
Before the changes the board RCM2200 was already programmed. After mounting the second chip, the board has continued to function perfectly. But when I tried to program it, he does not respond. I also tried to set up the environment for RCM2250 but does not work!

You’ll need to make a lot of changes in order for this to work. I assume you reviewed the schematic and made all of the necessary changes related to the second 256K flash of the RCM2250.

If you’re not going to use an actual RCM2200 with Dynamic C, you could modify the TCData.ini file in Dynamic C to list “512” flash and see if that is sufficient.

It would be better to make up a new board type (RCM2299?), with a unique Board ID (0x0999?), and then review the libraries for all locations that reference the RCM2200 macro, and update them to include your new RCM2299 macro. You’ll have to update BOARDTYPES.LIB, RS232.LIB, BOARD_DEPS.LIB and TCData.ini.

Or just purchase and use RCM2250 modules…