RCM3200 ethernet speed, autonegotiate, flow control settings


We’ve been using the RCM3200 in our controllers for years now, and lately every once in a while one of our customers is having a problem establishing a TCP/IP connection to us. They have found in their testing that if they disable flow control on their side it seems to improve things, and the same with auto-negotiation. I can’t find anything in the documentation about flow control or autonegotiation so I don’t know if or how it’s supported or if there are any settings for it. Are there? Are there any settings for the network speed, specifying 10base-t or 100base-t?


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Take a look at the pd_networkmode() function. It might not be in the printed documentation, but if you type it into an editor window, position the cursor on the function name, and press CTRL-H it should show function documentation.

Another helpful tip: CTRL-SHIFT-F allows for searching for text within multiple files. I use this as my search template (which might be the default):

It’s a good way to find the source to something in the libraries, or find samples that use a particular API that you’re trying to understand.

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