Digi Etherlite 32 Port Transmission Speed Problem


I am using an etherlite 32 to link to a factory full of CNC machines for transferring programs back and forth between the machines and a computer. It is working ok but for some reason transferring from the computer to the machines is very slow. This is not the case when transferring from the machines to the computer, this is at the expected speed. The software I use for the data transfer has the baud rate specified in the settings, no matter what I set this to it still transfers out at a snails pace.

Does onyone have any ideas where to start looking?



What O.S., driver and firmware versions are you using?

What flow control is being used?

I seem to recall, Fanuc controllers using “drip feed” is it possible the CNC controller is throttling the data?

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I have it set up on 2 PCs at the moment, one vista and one XP. Both appear to have the same speed issue. The firmware and drivers are the latest from Digi (v1.7 I believe). The controls in question are a mixture of Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Siemens. All have the same problem. The flow control on the port settings via the driver are all set to none. Some of the configs through the DNC software are set to wait for Xon before transmit and some are not set. This is based on trial and error with the control. Should I be using flow control? If I do is it likely that the software will over-ride this anyway?