rcm3200 gateway across subnets

RCM3200 modules, Dynamic C 9.62
We have been running our current version firmware for 2 years on hundreds of devices.
Recently compiled versions are showing errors when TCP communication is attempted from a PC on a different subnet. Sometimes we get the error “connection forcefully rejected”.
I don’t think it’s a module hardware issue as we have had old hardware communicating fine across sub-nets, which breaks when update firmware to current version.
Any ideas anyone?

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What revision are the RCM3200 boards? There was a change made to the ethernet controller where device needs more power for it to work. You should contact Technical Support to obtain a copy of the PCN and report the issue.

There’s a known issue with RCM3200 modules manufactured in late 2019 through August of 2020 (revision C, using an ASIX ALF controller). If your modules were manufactured in that period, please contact tech support with the revision info and date code to arrange for an RMA. There are modules with the original ASIX chip available (possibly a revision D?) and a future revision will address the ALF chip issues.