RCM3200 TCP Problem


I’m using a RCM 3200 microprocessor to develop a system that will communicate with a VB 6 based program. The VB program will act like a client and the RCM will be the server.

The problem is that everything works fine for some time (sometimes a week, sometimes just a few hours) and then, suddenly, the server(Rabbit) begins to reject the connection with the client.

At first glance, I considered it to be a problem with the Winsock control, but I’m not so sure about it anymore since I noticed that, when I reset the RCM, I’m able to connect again.

I’m using Dynamic C 9.62 and the code related to this handling is exactly like the one used in the samples available.

I was told this problem could be related to the firewall settings, but I’ve already deactivated it and it still doesn’t work properly.

If it helps figuring the problem out, the Windows used in the client computer is Windows XP SP2.


Are you using any garbage collector in your program? Or freeing memory properly.
Moreover, are you closing the connections properly? It might be that stacks of connections might get full could not support more actions.


In digi website there is technical note that exaplains some memory usage tips on the rabbit modules, it may help you.