RCM3200 with extended TCP/IP connection


I’m trying to estabilish connection between RCM3200 and a PLC (TSX P57 5634) via Ethernet.

This PLC module provides an Ethernet port that just gives support to extended TCP/IP connections. I can’t get connected with this configuration, since “sock_estabilished()” keeps returning 0, meaning no handshake is made. On the other hand, if I use a separate network module, which provides support to standard TCP/IP connections, it works just fine.

As far as I’m concerned, the main difference between these kind of connections is, basically, the level of “control” you have… filtering services, addresses and ports. By the way, I’m not worried about this kind of traffic control for this application, but it would be better not to spend a network module just because of this problem…


Hello, Did you check the sample applications available under DC installation path ,i.e C:\DCRABBIT_9.62\Samples cpip

Check those examples, it may helpful.


I checked them already. In fact, the code I’m using is based on one of these samples. It works fine with standard tcp connections, but I’m not able to connect to this device, since the only kind of connection it supports is the extended tcp/ip connection.

Thanks for your answer.