RCM3700 losing binary image

Has anyone had a problem with the RCM3700 losing its image? We have an app and for no reason after some period of weeks or months, the Rabbit inexplicably loses its image. We reload it and everything is fine. How is this even possible?


This post has been read a LOT of times, but noone has answered. I’m guessing that many people are asking the same question. I know I am.

I’ve been using the RCM 3700 for 4 years now on a project with 300 units in the field, and I still see this more than I like. It seems to be related to when the board powers up/down, but I can’t verify.

Is there a tech note out there anywhere related to this?
Is there a known bug?

I suggest that you request an RMA on these units and also request a failure analysis.