RCM4300 and checkbox


Maybe you could help me.

I would like to use a checkbox under html on my Embedded software.
I’ve found some help under TCP/IP Volume 2 User’s Manual §5.3.4 but it’s not enough for me…

This is my html code I tryed:


Also in my main file :
protected int Enable_SW1;
#web Enable_SW1;

When I load the page, the checkbox is always false.

If someone could help me, it could be great :slight_smile:

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Instead of manually creating the checkbox, it’s probably best to make use of the field_checkbox zhtml function.

Put this in your ZHTML file:


And it should start working. Unfortunately, there aren’t any examples to demonstrate that functionality.

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Your solution is working and more simple.
Also, I foundmy mistake and this code is working :


NAME=“Enable_SW1” VALUE=“1” >