RCM4400W Examples Please

Rabbit, can you please provide some useful Wi-Fi examples for your new RCM4400W kit?
It would be nice to see examples with the proper setup defines such as:

#define TCPCONFIG 1

#define _WIFI_SSID “TEST”
#define _WIFI_OWNCHANNEL “1”

#define MY_NAMESERVER “”
#define MY_GATEWAY “”

It would be nice to see other examples for the specific module. like FTP, web server and so on. there also needs to be debug routines added for this when it is associating to the network. if there is a problem i would like to know about it and see what the module is trying to do.


Look at it this way, your engineers had to code allot of programs to test this unit. they had to test a plethora of different things so why not just include them ? why leave them out, examples will help someone learn faster and better then any other method.