RCM4400W Low on examples

Just a heads up to anyone who wants to purchase the RCM4400W kit.
there are BARLEY any examples for this kit. i think there are a total of like 4-6 examples and most of them do useless things like turn on/off an led.

If i am going to buy a Wi-Fi kit i want Wi-Fi EXAMPLES!!!:mad:

There is not even a MAC sticker on the module. I wonder if the Digi takeover is going to screw up this company.

I will be getting a RCM4400W kit this week. I am browsing over the dcoumentation and there is reference to Samples\TCPIP\WiFi\WIFISCAN.c.

Is this the only WIFI example?

There are three Wifi specific examples.

None of the examples are helping me with my issue. (Cant associate with WEP :confused: )

In trying the read the Lib’s to figure out were the issue is, there all compiled and therefore not readable.

Tell me about it! I just got my new USB to serial cables in. Now i can program my RCM4400W but have nothing to shoot at it except a few stupid and useless flash led examples. What is Rabbit thinking ???:mad:

I assume you guys were able to get past your WiFi troubles. I’m posting this in case someone else is looking for info.

The starter documentation points to some of the example programs you named. Some simple customization is needed to get the files to work:

In your example source file, find this statement, and keep the #define as 1:
#define TCPCONFIG 1

Modify tcp_config.lib as follows:
#define _PRIMARY_STATIC_IP “” <— you must specify an IP addr that is valid on your network.

Once these changes are made, you can run the example and you should be able to ping the Rabbit, etc.

There are actually several example files that will work with the WiFi - they just don’t explicitly use “wifi” in the filename…