RCM5700 Ethernet anomalies


I developed a system using the RCM5700 module.

I found some anomalies on the Ethernet communication. The firmware set the automatic set of the communication (10/100Mbit/s).

Depending by the hardware that I connect the Ethernet works in different ways. For example:

  • I can connect using stright and cross cable my system to Broadcom Ethernet card and all works well. If I put a switch between the PC and my system the communication go down
  • I can connect using only cross cable the system to a Realtek card and the communication is not stable. The communication is down if I put a switch between the PC and my system
  • If I connect my system to an Intel controller the communication is down either using straight, cross cable. If I try to put the switch between the results are the same.

I try to force the communication at 10Mbit/s and the results changes. The communication is on in all the case.
The switch is a ZyXel 8 port.

It seems that different controllers need different sets.
Did someone found similar problems?
Some advise?