RCM6700 PB0

Why is the RCM6700 not listed in the Documents list on the
support page?
In any case, I’m trying to find out if I can use I/O pin PB0.
The RCM5700/RCM6700 User Manual says in Table 4-3, page
30, that PB0, which has an alternate use of SCLKB, is used
by the serial flash on RCM6700 products. Yet that pin is
brought off the board. Serial port B, Tx & Rx, are not
available for use because it’s used for the serial flash. And
since PB0 is the clock for serial port B, I would think that it
wasn’t available either. And yet it’s brought off the board.

If I could get a schematic of the RCM6700 I could probably
answer this myself. But such is not the case, unless someone
knows where a schematic can be found.


The circuit diagram is here:


It is under General Documents: RCM6700 Block Diagram and not in the Schematics section for some strange reason.