RCM6760 Unsupported / unknown RCM6700_SERIES board type

Hi !
I am trying to convert Dyn C program from BL4S160 to use RCM6760 processor.
But I get error “unknown RCM_6700_SERIES board type” from BOARTYPES.lib,
even though I have set board type in project options correctly. Why ?
I also have RCM6700-processor, with this the program compiles correctly

Which compiler version are you using?


I am using Dyn C 10.64, is it the latest ?

The latest is 10.66

There did seem to be some changes in the boardtypes.lib between 10.62 and 10.64 so you may need to check the details coming back from your board. What does the download dialog box say the board ID is?


Which program you ran on the RCM6760?
Is that from the sample programs or your application?
Could you please mention exactly which type of error you are getting(better screenshot)?

If is it possible to send application, i will check on my board

Thanks ,

Take for example Flashled01.c from Samples\RCM6700,
and you get the error, it’s line 521 in Boardtypes.lib
RCM6760 should be boardtype 0x3403, but I see 0x3405 in the compiling window !
Is boardtypes.lib diferent in DC 10.66 ? I have 10.64

Looking at the file in both versions there is definitely a change. You will need 10.66 to work with this board correctly.
0x3403 is listed as the RCM6730 in the 10.66 boardlibs and the RCM6760 is 3405.


There is no RCM6730 module and i have seen BOARDTYPES.LIB in both versions 10.66 and 10.64 , configured board types correctly

#define RCM6700 0x3400
#define RCM6710 0x3402
#define RCM6750 0x3401
#define RCM6760 0x3403

I have compiled the file Flashled01.c in both versions 10.66 and 10.64 with targetless, it is compiled successfully.

For me it showing 0x3403 only, i did not see 0x3405 in the compiling window .

If you are facing this issue, it is better to send this error
with the screenshot to the Digi support.

Try to compile the program with the targetless.

The boardtypes.lib on my 10.66 installation has the 6700, 6710, 6720, 6730, 6750 and 6760 models.


Hi Peter, you are correct…
In DC10.66 Beta version there is no changes in board types.
In DC10.66 final version there are changes.

#define RCM6700 0x3400
#define RCM6710 0x3402
#define RCM6720 0x3401
#define RCM6730 0x3403
#define RCM6750 0x3404
#define RCM6760 0x3405