Reading input buffer on TS 4 Device?

While I can send a message out through the TS 4 device to a remote (Tandem) host, I cannot receive anything back from the serial port. I am using a term type of dumb, a mode of RAW with autoconnect.

I can log onto the TS 4 using telnet.

Is there any way (command or otherwise) that will allow me to “see” or monitor the incoming data buffer? I am guessing that the message returned from the remote host may be coming in but there is no “trigger” to cause the TS 4 to send the data to the serial port.

Advice Please???

You can capture inbound data on a TS4 product by activating the port buffer utility:

#> set buffer range=(port#) state=on size=(0-64 [in kb])

To display buffered data:

#> display buffers range=(port#)

You may also want to consider using a network trace application to monitor the data from point-to-point. Ethereal, tcpdump and sniff are commonly used.