PortServer TS Serial to UDP mapping

Hi Folks,

We have a device that is spitting out characters on a serial line.

We want to send those characters to a certain UDP port.

We also want the reserve to be true, to be able to send characters to a udp port on the TS and have it pass them on to the serial line.

The problem is that the TS will only send its buffer to the dest udp port when it receives a character on its listening UDP port.

How can I make it send without needing to receive?

I have configured the serial port on the TS to have a port profile of UDP Sockets.

I have added the UDP client info.

I have set the ‘send data after idle milliseconds’ setting to 5ms.

I have set the force sending data after x bytes to 14 bytes.

Port security is set to do not allow network access.

Advanced serial settings has only vt100 selected, nothing else.