Realport for user-rolled linux?

we’ve rolled our own linux boxes. I’m not seeing any source downloads for Realport. All I’m seeing (on the download page at least) is offerings for bloated distros.

Is realport available for roll-our-own boxen?


We always offer a tarball version of the driver as well.

Grab the .tgz version.
untar it, and do a:

make install
make postinstall

thought I’d pass on that this works well on a (more-or-less) gentoo-based amd64 box. Thanks again!

thanks. I completely missed that one.

I tried building dgrp-1.9-18 for Fedora core 9
against Kernel and failed.
It is missing lots of sysfs changes, including the demise
of class_device.

I tried rpmbuild with DISTRO=FEDORA, and without.

Am I missing something ?
Are there ready rolled changes in the pipe line ?

Support for 2.6.26+ kernels has not been added to the driver yet.

A driver is anticipated once 2.6.27 releases.