Realport IP Address SCO Unix

How can I look up the IP Address of a Digi PortServer that has been setup in SCO Open Server 5.0.7
Is there a file that shows the address or is there a way to resolve the IP address ?

If you have a Windows-based computer on the same subnet as the SCO computer, you can run the Digi Device Discovery Utility on the Windows computer, which will show you the IP address of most models of Digi Devices. Is this a PortServer TS model we’re talking about (which is compatible with the Device Discovery Utility), or some other model PortServer?

Digi Device Discovery Utility

Digi Device Discovery Troubleshooting Tips KB article

On the SCO host, run the following command from the root prompt:


The (s)how option will give details on the units configured and associated IP address.