Realport v4.4.365 and v3.1.243.0 Performance

We have a system running 9 Etherlite 32 boxes loaded with firmware v1.7. The boxes have a single Realport controller. The host is a Windows XP Pro OS running on a Dell Quad Core. Recently we upgraded the Realport driver from v3 to v4. There was a noticeable performace change between v3 and v4. Key delays from 1 to 5 seconds. And serial data delays increased 2-5 seconds. It appears as though there is a buffering or performance degradation. Ultimately we returned the system to v3 Realport software. The Etherlite firmware remained unchanged during this evaluation.

Are there settings in the v4 version which may drive these performance differences?

I failed to mention that no flow control is being used on any of the ports.

When you switched back to v3 of the drivers, theperformance went back to what you expected?

Also, were you using the driver default settings with each installation?

Yes the performace returned to its expected state.

To perform the downgrade from v4 to v3 we simply used the Digi CD provided with the Etherlite product. The installer performed all of the “upgrading” work without prompting for configuration changes. We were quite surprised.

Yes we used default settings during the initial configuration.

Revised: Dual Core2 6600 - 2 cores.