reboot netarm

How can I programmatically reboot a NETARM device? Cheers, Minlin

I am replying myself just in case others might need to know. I found out NETOS6 has a API function “customizeReset” that will do it.

The actual way that the default customizeReset is to enable the watchdog and configure it to generate a hardware reset so if your program uses the watchdog and “feeds” it this routine will probably not generate a reset. Note also that the default watchdog-timeout configured by this routine is the maximum so the actual reset will no be generated for 2^25/FXTALE seconds which should be taken into account.

How can I set the watchdog-timeout to 1 second so that customizeReset immediately resets the unit?

Currently when I call customizeReset() nothing happens.

I found this code, but I don’t understand it:

	narm_write_reg(NARM_GSCR_REG, NARM_GSCR_ADDR, swt, 2);  /* time out period is (2**24)/F_XTAL */
	narm_write_reg(NARM_GSCR_REG, NARM_GSCR_ADDR, swri, 2); /* program watch dog to create reset*/
	narm_write_reg(NARM_GSCR_REG, NARM_GSCR_ADDR, swe, 1);  /* enable the watchdog timer circuit*/

I managed to reboot the unit with the following code:

#include “gpiomux_def.h”

#define NOT_USED 0
#define DELAY_BEFORE_RESET (2*NABspTicksPerSecond)

static TX_TIMER resetTimer;

static void reset(ULONG notUsed)
customizeReset(); /* reset*/

tx_timer_create (&resetTimer, “Reset Timer”, reset, NOT_USED, DELAY_BEFORE_RESET, NOT_USED, TX_AUTO_ACTIVATE);