Receiving From MRF24J40

Hello Everyone.
I am sending some bytes from a PIC microcontroller through an MRF24J40 and I would like to receive it from my XBee module (attached to a .NETMF development board). i have read that I can configure it to “Non-Beacon” status in which there is no coordinator in the network. This is exactly what i want to do, because the data sent over the air will be ad hoc and each of the two devices will respond only when it is asked to. In fact, I do not want a coordinator in the network. I do not know how to configure this setting using XCTU. There is no option of selecting the channel when you configure the device as an end device.
My modem type is an XB24-B and Firmware version is 1220.

I just cant seem to send/receive anything with the XBee module. When I try to send data to it from the UART of the NETMF board, I can sniff to check for the data using the ZENA sniffer from microchip. However, the payload that shows is not the data I send!! There is a difference in the payload when the UART is sending and when it is not, but the payload I get when i am sending data is always the same, regardless of what data I am sending.

Can anyone help me here? I am stuck! Thanks.