Recieve data only from XBee coordinator to router?

Currently I have a XBee setup with 2 routers and 1 coordinator.

The first router sends data to the coordinator, which is then supposed to filter the data and then pass on the respectively value to the second router.

However the second router is picking up data from both the coordinator and the other router. I suspect this has to do with the coordinator broadcasting considering it isn’t in unicast mode.

However, from my understanding, if I were to set a unicast between the coordinator and the first router, the coordinator will not be able to send data to the second router since it is in unicast mode.

Here’s a little diagram on what I am looking for :

Router A (Sends “1” and “2”) ==> Coordinator (Receives “1” and “2”, propagates “2”) == Router B (Receive “2” only from Coordinator.)

Any advice on how to achieve this in AT mode would be greatly appreciated.

1: Enter command mode, change the DL and DH to Broadcast.
2: Exit command mode
3 send data
4: Enter command mode, change the DL and DH to unicast to node 2
5: Exit command mode ans send 2nd data packet