How can I make a router choose to send to coordinator or another router or both?

My question probably didn’t make a lot of sense. Basically I have two routers and one coordinator. How can I make it so I can specify to which zigbee I would send my message? For example, I want my coor to send to router A but not B, then another message to B but not A, then another message to both? Same with the routers. I want my router A (or B ) to send to coor but not the other router, then another message to the other router but not coor, then another to both coor and the other router. Point is, I want to choose which device I would send my message to during runtime. Is that possible? I am using three XBee Zigbee PRO modules.

If in AT mode you need to set DH/DL to the SH/SL of the device you want to unicast to.

If in API mode you need to set the 64-bit Destination Address of you 0x10/0x11 Transmit frames to SH/SL of the device you want to unicast to.

You can’t send to both targets at the same time without using a broadcast. Broadcasts are often not a good idea as you can only send a few at a time across the entire network so will quickly run into scaling issues. You can always just unicast twice in this case.