Recompiling the BSP

I recently wrote a driver for the digi connectme and then tried to recompile the bsp. the bsp however does not want to compile. the problem seems to be that the header file i created does not seem to be found. I’ve checked the makefile for the bsp and can’t find a place to specify where the header files are kept so i assume that the compiler know where to look for them. I’ve put my code into the c:/netos60_gnu/src/bsp/devices/common/serial directory since its a serial port driver. that is why i don’t see the reason for having to include the folder in the makefile because it should be there already. can anyone help me with compiling the bsp please? I would really appreciate any help i can get thanks Shaheen

you can add the directory to this line in the bsp/Makefile INC= -I./h -I./…/…/h -I./…/…/h/threadx -I./…/…/h/tcpip -I./…/…/h/snmp -I./platforms/$(PLATFORM) -I./devices/common/hdlc -I./devices/common/ethernet -I./devices/common/serial or include the file like this: #include “your_header_file.h” if the source file is located in bsp/devices/common/serial/ its not so complicated :slight_smile: