Compiling the BSP to include a new driver

I recently wrote a driver for the digi connectme and then tried to recompile the bsp. the bsp however does not want to compile. the problem seems to be that the header file i created does not seem to be found. I’ve checked the makefile for the bsp and can’t find a place to specify where the header files are kept so i assume that the compiler know where to look for them. I’ve put my code into the c:/netos60_gnu/src/bsp/devices/common/serial directory since its a serial port driver. that is why i don’t see the reason for having to include the folder in the makefile because it should be there already.

can anyone help me with compiling the bsp please?
I would really appreciate any help i can get

Hello Shaheen,

What are the changes you wish to make to the BSP? Normally the you will ony need to compile the BSP with the correct PLATFORM setting. Then all the drivers for the supported hardware in the Connect ME would be available, including the Serial Port driver.