Recovering a NET+OS Device


I’m using a Digi Connect ME 9210 with its development board.

I’m reading the Digi ESP for NET+OS User Guide > 2. Tasks.

In the chapter 2.7, 2…7 Recovering a NET+OS Device, at point 2.7.2. Run the new application in the debugger i found this:

Disable the flash on your development board as described in the hardware reference guide for your board.

How can I disable the flash with my develompent board?

Thank you very much



 Some of the older processors, specifically the NS7520, you had to disable FLASH when FLASH had been corrupted. I believe if you did not you might not be able to break into the processor. With the newer processors, the 9210 being one of them, this need has been deprecated. Thus we no longer provide a jumper for disabling FLASH. 

Bottom line you should not need to disable FLASH to recover the board.

Thank you for your answer.