Redirecting STDIO to the debug Console

Is it possible to redirect stdin stdout and stderr to the debug console that opens when the insight gui debugger launches. If So how do I go about doing that?


It is not possible with GDB, however, it is possible using Green Hills (GHS). Unfortunately, the Connect family of products are not supported in GHS.

…But you can make GHS work (at least adequately) with the Connect ME. There’s not that much to change - most of my effort was spent in piecing together what to do, rather than the implementation.


well maybe you have figured it out, you have everything else, about a pc.

Do you have any information on what you had to do to get it to work with the GNU tools? I am now at a point where i really need it. We are have a application that uses the jtag version of the ME module and needs both serial ports. on serail port is used as to an interface to a control systems network and the other is used as an interface so a sensor. In order to debug the application i really want to be able to print things to the console, but since both physical serail ports on the ME-JTG are being used i need to redirect it to the GNU console. Id really appreciate it if you could help me out with this. Thanks,

Im Sorry, I meant GHS