How can I debug application with GYGNUS Insight Debugger?

How can I debug application with GYGNUS Insight Debugger? I have test many times,every times i failed.My step are follow: >make the file >open a X-Tools command window ,exec the file netsiliconLibRemote >open another X-Tools command window,type gdb -se image.elf,the Insight ebugger window popup . >I set the TargetSeting : Target:Remote/TCP; Hostname:localhost ; Port:8888 when i click the run button,the program download to the target,but after download,the debuger stop.I have to usr the task manager in W2K to kill it.Of course i failed.

Hi,I did some tests with gnu toolchain (from ocdemon). For the first test, I didn’t use Insight. With the gdb.ini described at the end, I used the gdb to connect: arm-elf-gdb -nw and the continue command to run the program. I had problem with the step-by-step debbuging. Only using breakpoint it was possible to debug. For the second test, now using insight, I invoke gdb with arm-elf-gdb and pressed continue. With insight was not possible to show mixed source (C+assembly) and step-by-step debug. I hope it helps … Marcelo Barros My gdb.ini file (comments are in portuguese, sorry): # -------------------- echo Configurando o ambiente para depuração.
set complaints 1 set output-radix 16 set input-radix 16 set endian big dir . set prompt (netsilicon-gdb) # Conecta a Raven via netsiliconLibRemote que esta # aguardando por comandos através de uma conexao tcp # na porta 8888 target remote localhost:8888 24 # Configura o netSiliconLibRemote para escreve valores short/long # usando o formado big-endian monitor endian big # Configura o GDB para usar o formato big-endian set endian big # Reseta o chip e inicia em um estado conhecido. monitor reset monitor halt # VALORES DE INITIALIZACAO DO NET40 monitor long 0xffb00000 = 0x4004a000 monitor long 0xffb00028 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffb00030 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffc00034 = 0x00000f04 monitor long 0xffc00030 = 0x00000001 monitor long 0xffc00010 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffc00000 = 0x0dc00000 monitor long 0xffc00024 = 0xf3000070 monitor long 0xffc00020 = 0x0000022d monitor long 0xffc00030 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffc00034 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffb00008 = 0x06000e3e # # CHANGE test -> your program # # Le o programa executavel chamado “test” load test # Le a tabela de simbolos para o programa. symbol-file test # --------------------

Some Cygwin + Insight combinations are broken, see the Redhat website for a workaround.

if you use insight there ara 2 ways: 1) official one - DO NOT specify TargetSettings. Instead go to the mneu->View->console window in the console window you’ll get a (gdb) prompt. at this prompt type source c:
etos51_gnu\gdb20um.ini you SHOULD get a warning about changing packet size to 1024. answer Yes. (if you don’t get this warning - something is wrong) then type “load” , then “continue” as described in the getting started guide. 2) unoficial one - set the TargetSeting : Target:Remote/TCP; Hostname:localhost ; Port:8888 in this dialog hit “more options button” anf in the “command to issue after attaching:” type c:
etos51_gnu\gdbtk20um.ini, then hit ok copy c:
etos51_gnu\gdb20um.ini to c:
etos51_gnu\gdbtk20um.ini. edit c:
etos51_gnu\gdbtk20um.ini - remove the line target remote localhost 8888. connect to the target, download and then press Continue button.