related to setting parameters via the 0x08 command frame on SX module

Related to an “XBee-PRO SX” module, firmware version ‘9003’, hardware version ‘3104’, hardware series ‘A00’.

I am using this module with the API frame mode and am attempting to set parameter values in it via the 0x08 “AT command frame”. I have written custom code to talk this the radio. I have had success with setting the parameters ‘ID’, ‘HP’, and even querying ‘NP’. I have seen return packets that confirm that the command was successful and have verified that using the XCTU software to then read the changes I made.

The problem I am having is with the ‘BR’ and ‘AO’ parameters. I inserted those two settings into my code in the same fashion as the previous parameters that I’ve had confirmed success with. I see no response from the radio to those commands, not even a ‘command failure’ response. When I was working towards setting the parameters that I’ve had success with, I would see a ‘command failure’ packet related to the tagged packet I’d attempted.

For ‘BR’ and ‘AO’ I have tried multiple ways to encode the values. I first copied what worked with ‘ID’ and ‘HP’. I then adjusted each one between 8 and 16 bit values. I tried sending the value as ASCII decimal, with multiple variations. But I have yet to see a response to these packets from the radio.

Insights or suggestions?

Please re-categorize if appropriate; I did not see ‘SX’ type radios in the list.

Can you provide the API frames you are sending?

Note that these command use HEX values and not ASCII. They also support values between 0 - 2.

I went back to enable the setting in my code and get the packets it was sending, and I had to pull a new set of radios out of the box, and it worked. My new radios are VR 9004, HV 3144, HS A00.

So I dug out one of my old radios to get it to do what it did before, and it didn’t. My code is now reporting that the command came back as completed.

I may have inadvertently fixed the issue in other advances to my code. At this point, unless I can get it to fail again while still sending it a reasonable command, I’d say this issue is closed.