Why change parameters configured in XCTU in an XBee programmable with a SerialByPass app

Hello, I’m trying to use programmable Xbee’s with Arduino boards. I’ve upload the SerialByPass app in the Freescale Processor, and I am using the bee-arduino library.

The problem I have is that I configure the A0 “API Output mode” parameter to “Native 0” but when I disconnect the XBee from the PC and I put it in the Arduino, my sketch doesn’t work properly. When I connect the XBee again to the XCTU, the A0 parameter is in “Explicit+unsup ZDO 3” again.



A late answer but this is due to the SerialByPass application. The SDK sets the AO to a specific value based on certain features or conditions that have been enabled in the application (xbee_config.h) during module startup.

Take a look of the SDK code to figure out what are the features that set the AO to 3: